Hello My Spiritual Beings!

I am so honored that you were guided here. This is a safe dimension where you are free to develop your spiritual identity and to transform into the greatest spiritual version of yourself. First I’m going to ask that you take a deep breath. In through your nose and out through your mouth. Relax your shoulders and sit back. I’ll continue to communicate telepathically, so you may hear my voice or it may sound like your own voice. I’m so happy that you are here! However, I ask that you only enter this space if you are committed to connecting with your spiritual self. Before you walk through these long white flowy curtains and cross the threshold, confirm that there is a part of you that is limitless, free, and powerful enough to positively transform your current experience. That part of you is the true essence of who you are and who you’ll soon get to know. So before you enter, I ask that you affirm “I am a spiritual being”. Don’t just hear me. I want you to actually say it with conviction. Go ahead, say it out loud seven times “I am a spiritual being”! “I am a spiritual being”! “I am a spiritual being”! “I am a spiritual being”! “I am a spiritual being”! “I am a spiritual being”! “I am a spiritual being”!  How do you feel?Hopefully you can feel a shift in your energy body. So come on in. I think you’re ready! 

When you pass through the white curtains I’ll be here to greet you. As you separate the curtains, you intuitively know that your physical body can’t enter the space past the white curtains. But yet still, you part the curtains and move forward across the threshold. As you peer down you observe how you are no longer standing in your physical world or in your physical body but you feel totally present. You think of your physical body and physical world and wonder where it has gone and you are right back at the beginning of the threshold exactly where you were before you entered. In your body and in your physical world. At any time with just the conscious mental image or thought, you can return back to your physical vehicle. When you are again ready, you approach the curtains and this time you confidently pass through the white curtains. 

Congratulations! I'm so happy to see you in all of your light! As a light being you will only see me, yourself and any other beings you bring into this experience as a bright light.  Your interest in your spiritual wellness is one to be proud of. Your journey will be an individual one but know that you are never alone. Welcome to Hella Spiritual where you enhance your intuitive superpowers by cleansing, healing, and manifesting.