Past Life or Simultaneous Alternate Existence?

Past Life or Simultaneous Alternate Existence?

I had a dream earlier this year in April that seemed to psychically impact how I perceived the relationship between myself and my parents from a multi-dimensional perspective. The dream was a total contrast from my current experience with my parents. I definitely made sure to add it to my dream journal. So in this dream my stepmother and father had the most peaceful, dedicated relationship. Not only was it peaceful but they shared the same career and were both heavily involved in supporting me in the same career field. I was the only child. Actually, writing about this triggered another memory (perhaps alternate existence) of a dream I had years ago where I was the only child of my father. 

In my present life I lived with my stepmother and father from the age of 6 until I matured. These two had a significant long-term impact on my current life's journey. But the relationship that developed as a result of a life with these two is one which created a lot of distance & detachment but freedom in who I became and how I express myself in this lifetime. This created a more analytical perspective on the growth outcomes of children who are so attached to their parents that they become extensions of them with no separate identity as opposed to those who live through circumstances that allow them to find their own voice, perspective, and expression in life. (Note: I do understand that those circumstances don't have to be traumatic ones in order to be afforded that freedom). 

What was interesting to me is that in my dream, it wasn't my biological mother with my father in this past life recall. It was my stepmother. This informed me that although my biological mother birthed me and stayed with me until I was 6, my subconscious was guiding me to revisit the significance of my stepmother through a different lens. 

I thought I had released my hardened perspective on my stepmother but in reality, I went from judging her as mean and evil person to judging her as being a hurt, sad, and powerless person. Neither of which she truly is as a spiritual being. 

She, however, along with my father, played a "role" in this life that required my growth from my previous life with them. One in which I took personally. But eventually realized it was a role that allowed me to experience detachment to find my own way, to become independent and find my own expression, to let go of attachments and experience what it is to be free to create and be responsible for how I unfold.

Through this dream there is a deep knowing that all relationships are here to grow me. That detachment is for the purpose of looking at things from a higher perspective. That I nor my "parents" owe me a style of relating. And finally, that we live multiple existences that we may not be privy to. Have you experienced dreams that give you a deeper knowing about your current relationships?


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