About Us

Hella Spiritual LLC was born out of a global crisis and was intuited in the spring of 2022. Although the pandemic caused some challenges in our work and daily lives, as a mother it allowed me to fully return to my maternal role and that meant not only caring for my daughter but also for myself. The spiritual practices and self-care that had taken a back seat became a welcoming priority which allowed me to deepen my relationship with the feminine aspect of my person. This feminine principle is one that is inherent in each and every one of us. 

My commitment to my spiritual wellness meant that it had to be a lifestyle rather than a hobby for my own pleasure, and not just because it allowed me to be at peace during such a challenging time, but because it was always who I've been at heart and as far back as I can remember I have always perceived things beyond the veil. I dedicated my life to being free to practice and strengthen my spiritual connection unapologetically and to stand in integrity by leaving the spaces that do not match my vibration or my soul's purpose; to embrace the mystic within without fear of how I would be perceived. As a result of this commitment, I am guided by highest vibrations in every aspect of my unfolding and for that, there is no better position in life. 

HELLA SPIRITUAL LLC exists to assist you with tapping into and cultivating the connection to your true spiritual nature and using that knowledge and intuition as the foundation for creating a successful and prosperous life in a way that YOU define. 

HELLA SPIRITUAL LLC provides products intended to connect you with your inner self. Teas, baths, oils, and specially curated herbal blends specifically focused on heightening one’s intuition through dreams, meditation, and transformation. HELLA SPIRITUAL LLC owns the following brands: Hella Calm and Astrablend.

All of our tools focus on increasing your connection with your inner self without the use of hallucinogens or entheogens, however you are welcome to utilize our products alongside, if they are part of your lifestyle. Our purpose is to encourage you to naturally cultivate your spirituality and assist you with coming to know your true nature and be guided by the messages received through your experiences. You're more intuitive than you think. Life always speaks to you, but you must be willing to connect with your true power, which comes from within, the divine part of you. Visit my blog to read more about the magical dream that inspired my journey and why I encourage you to increase your natural intuitive abilities and get familiar with your feminine side. 

Your support allows me to continue creating for people like you, who are dedicated to their spiritual/mental wellness & lifestyle. With Gratitude!