The Dream that Sparked My Spiritual Initiation

The Dream that Sparked My Spiritual Initiation

 I never thought this experience was for everyone to know, which is why only a select few really know the truth behind me uprooting from everything I knew and loved in the Deep South to live in Northern California. I still feel as though the "why" is still unfolding and that my soul's contract here is not yet fulfilled. It's very mysterious in a sense that as I am getting to know different aspects of myself (each location has a different vibe and seems to bring out a different characteristic of my persona), I get closer and closer to living the purpose that resonates with my spirit, regardless of what plans I previously had for my career/life. It's like my "game of life" is finding out who and what I truly am, what I am capable of, and the purpose I manifested. I used to be jealous at those who already knew where they fit, career-wise, while I was still searching and forcing things to resonate with me. But honestly having my parents mold me into what they wanted me to be and complying with that doesn't seem as exciting as the ups and downs, trials, experiences, challenges with my intuition etc. I come to accept my journey of self-determination, freedom, and intuitive guidance that makes me spiritually strong. And with that said, here is the dream that sparked my spiritual initiation.

     So I was there in San Francisco driving around in my beat-up red Honda, with my daughter in the back seat. We were driving on cobble stone as I was entering and exiting a roundabout. I recall being on the phone with my pops who was talking to me about something in the newspaper. When I woke up, as I always do I wrote the dream down but instead of writing the dream in narrative form I only jotted down some key words and threw the notebook to the side. So as you can see I wasn't consciously engaged in deciphering the dream. It was just routine to write it down and keep it moving, until spirit felt it was time. 

     I can't recall how long after that I found the notebook but I'd say within a year but not more. Once one notebook is filled, I move on to the next, just religiously annotating each dream. I was searching for something in a box one day where the notebook was located. Running through the pages I landed on the page of the dream I had completely forgotten, until I read the page repeatedly, which allowed the memory of the dream to return. Spirit must have been guiding me because after that day I began to see "San Francisco" everywhere in the physical realm. 

     My life became inundated with "San Francisco" to the point that I had to document in my cell phone every occurence to try to find some hidden clue or message with more details, but none of it made sense. It was so random. I'd see "San Francisco" while reading my Social Work Practice Book, while watching the morning news, "San Francisco Cookies" at Publix grocery store, "San Francisco Herb Co" at a friend's store, walking in the mall someone wearing a SF Giants shirt, My then-boyfriend's mom had a magnet on the refrigerator from you guessed it. It was just E V E R Y W H E R E! 

     I went up the street to King Khuru's store in Columbia, SC to get some insight but he wasn't there. So, I chopped it up with Mazani and he advised me to see the young fortune teller girl down the road from them on BroadRiver. She cleared my chakras and what not but she really didn't have the message I was looking for. She just advised that I visit and go from there. I was dissapointed. But I knew who to ask. My then-boyfriend's mom. I knew she could tell cause she catches the holy ghost at church so I thought that would be my best bet. I was so eager for my boyfriend to tell me what she would say. When the message came back, she told me that spirit would not reveal it to her but what she did get was that I had to "go find out about it and it has something to do with my heart".

     Because I was so young and ignorant in my intuitive abilities, I had to ask everyone outside of myself regarding a message that was meant for me. But it sparked something in me that I will never forget and a connection with spirit and a path I can never deny. A much deeper love for myself, for life, and for the divine. This is just the beginning of my story but I hope that it influences you, a spiritual being, to connect with how spirit guides you to your greatest potential.



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Hello, and thank you for your story! I got your card and flower tea at First Friday and am now sitting down to enjoy it while doing a little astrology studying. I know what I need to do, but am learning to stop asking for permission from those around me to do it… back in Michigan (for now).

Heather McDonald-Sand

Having an opportunity to meet you and your beautiful spirit, it was easy to understand the spirituality and goodness of your products. Your presence and product’s of calm were a perfect prelude to some smooth jazz.

Robert B

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