Hella Calm Spiritual Bath

Hella Calm Spiritual Bath

One thing you should keep in mind is that spiritual baths are best used AFTER you have physically cleansed your body. You don't want to add soap and create dirt and oils from your body during your spiritual bath. So, shower or take a bath and clean your physical body first. 

To prepare your spiritual bath place entire contents in a pot of 7 cups of water. Touch and feel the flowers and submerge them into the water. Bring the pot to a boil, lower the heat and simmer for 7 min. Stir while praying over your bath. Your will and intentions are your superpowers.

"May this bath spiritually purify you and allow you to become more receptive to your higher self, your true spiritual nature" and always give thanks!

After 7 min, strain your herbs and retain the liquid in a non-plastic bowl. Run your bath water and pour your spiritual bath in. You can read something inspirational (Bible, Qur'an verse, whatever pertains to your religious or spiritual foundation, repeat positive mantras, or listen to meditative music for 7 min) while you soak in the bath.

**Don't forget to allow the bath to cover your head, so dunk your head backwards and cover every inch of your head and face with water. If you have a particular hairstyle you'd not want to mess up, improvise on how to spiritually cleanse your headspace. 

Remove the tub stopper and "feel" the water and energy being removed from your body as the water flows from your body and down the drain.

Air dry and wear white for the night. Wear a white headwrap. Prepare your Hella Calm Tea and Jasmine oil for meditation. 

How long this bath lasts is up to you. You can get two uses out of it and you decide which days you'd like to use it on. Ideal days are:

  • New Moon days
  • Full Moon days (1 day before, the day of the full moon, the day after)
  • Mondays (between 9 - midnight before bed)
  • But of course, any day you are wanting to pamper yourself physically & spiritually, let your intuition guide you.


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